The Is Now.
We already entered a new era.
This new era calls for a general change of thinking and doubt about obsolete structures.
A growing number of people understand the challenges of the present and demand sustainability to counteract the destruction of our planet and ecosystems.
Because of this shift in values and consciousness we develop new technologies, a way of life that is sustainable yet highly evolved and a new understanding of freedom, to stop the total collapse of our environment and once again coexist in harmony with nature.
Project Open Society is not only a profitable way to absorb and overcome existing structures, but in particular the economic and physical manifestation of the collective consciousness of our new age.


Averting the advancing ecological collapse and transition to sustainability by e.g. real organic agriculture (permaculture, agroforestry etc.), desert greening, independent water supply, etc.

P.O.S. Fund

A Purposeful transparent collection and redistribution of all financial assets (including proceeds) of the entire Project Open Society for participation and independent funding of the community and realization of their projects.

Seal of approval

Implementation and continuous improvement of global quality standards in various areas such as sustainability, transparency, economic and environmental responsibility

primary care

For networking and efficient logistics of regional economic structures (organic farmers, craftsmen, service providers, classifieds, etc.) an online marketplace including app is developed. The decentralized network thus forms a safety net independent of large corporations.

time coin

A Speculative cryptocurrency serving the P.O.S.-Fund and thus the community. In addition to the local currency, Time Coins also allow the use of other crypto currencies as payment within the marketplace.

time exchange club

As part of a club membership, it will be possible to swap time. Donations to the P.O.S. Fund allow members to convert Time-Coins into hours. To acquire a club membership at least one Time-Coin (one hour) must be donated.

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